The ancestor in the mirror

a historical fiction novel about immigration

The Audiobook

This book can be used as a cross-curricular material or potential listening material to help high schoolers understand complicated subjects while promoting collaboration among teachers. While most are considering The Ancestor in the Mirror a stand-alone NA novel, this book is also an educational material to prompt questions that teachers can address during their instruction and debates.

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Hipertexto 2

the second round of the language-game

Hipertexto was conceived during a trip to Japan in 2010 as a translation game to learn and improve language skills. After two years of playing and testing this game online with medical students from the University of Tokyo and different groups from the Faculty of International Relations at the Ritsumeikan University, Noel found common cultural elements that can be used as cognitive metaphors for language acquisition and teaching.

the ancestor in the mirror

Kindle Edition

Gonzalo Guerrero and his mom survived the Great Tsunami of La Palma in 2029 when he was only four. Almost his entire family disappeared in the tragedy. Only Gonzalo and his mom kept afloat during the horrific wave that killed almost two million people around the world. Now they have a bigger issue. She has lost her memory as a consequence of the traumatic brain injury she suffered during the cataclysm. Trapped in the present, there’s no other past or future for her in this world. However, since time travel is available, they could learn from the future in the same way they learn from the past.